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  • 7¼ inch gauge: Complete Wagon Chassis Kit - 9ft W/B

All the main components needed to build a rolling, 9ft wheelbase, wagon chassis:

Includes laser cut subframe, laser cut dummy brake gear and leaf springs, draw hooks and springs, sole bar and buffer beam channel section, wheels and axles, sprung buffers, coil springs for suspension, axle boxes and bushes.

The main chassis parts are designed with inchslot and tab inch assembly, and can be easily tig welded together, the channel section can be rivetted to the subframe. The buffer beams may be either tig-welded to the chassis or attached by making your own simple corner brackets and fixing with screws/nuts.

You only need to add a few rivets and screws to complete the assembly.

PLEASE NOTE - this is not a inchfull kit inch of the conventional screw togther type, but is derived from the components we use to make our own wagons in our works. As such a moderate amount of skill is needed as well as some basic tools. Ideally should be tig-welded, but chassis parts may also be silver soldered together.

Instructions not provided - but we are only a phone call or email way if any help is needed.


** Also available as a 10ft wheelbase version - please ask  **

7¼ inch gauge: Complete Wagon Chassis Kit - 9ft W/B

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