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Stock availability info

Many items for sale on the 17D website, are usually available for shipping from stock.

However some items will have a shipping delay, either because we make the items to order, or because an order that is placed requires more items than are currently available off the shelf.

Generally, items which are made to order will display an estimated lead time on the product page. This may vary from a few days to a month, or in busy times, longer, especially with built to order wagons, chassis' , carriages etc.

At checkout you may see a warning notifying you that the quantity ordered exceeds the stock available. At this point, you may continue with the order - and we will ship as soon as the required item(s), or quantity, becomes available. Or you can contact us by phone (during normal office hours) on 01629 825070, or send an email to us at:

Due to the nature of most of our products - ie requiring a degree of manual production - and varying levels of demand throughout the year, we cannot guarantee delivery dates.