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Diesel Outline

Diesel Outline

Battery Electric Standard Gauge Diesel Outline Locos

17D have built a reputation for producing steel bodied, high quality and detailed battery electric locomotives, in particular the poular Class 20's and more recently the less common but interesting Class 17 "Clayton".

We build these Diesel Outline Locomotives to order in both 5 inch and 7 1/4 inch gauges, and indeed we have also been working on a 10 1/4" gauge Class 20 as a "background project" - this is just awaiting an eager potential buyer to push forward the build to completion!



Other Locomotive Builds - Bespoke........

7 1/4 inch gauge Sentinel Locomotive - a bespoke customer build

A few years back we built a 7 1/4" gauge model of this diminutive Sentinel shunter for a customer.

Fitted with a powerful 1hp motor, despite it's size it was quite happy pulling a couple a coach and couple of passengers with ease, although it was built as a display model, and might need more weight over the wheels for real pulling!





......and Narrow Gauge

To the left is our 0-4-0 Narrow Gauge Shunter Loco, also powered by a 1HP motor.

We have built a number of these locos, which are now proving popular as a workshorse at several locations.

This loco is supplied with a separate tender/driving truck to match! Ask us for more details.

An 0-6-0 version is in development - please ask for more information.

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